Breaking Up With Busy


Here’s a challenge for you: for the next week, notice how many times you hear “busy” as a response to the common question “How are you?”.

When did “busy” become a modern-day status symbol? When did it become our auto-answer whenever anyone asks us how we are doing? Y’all, I’ve been asked how I’m doing and before I can even begin to answer the asker interrupts and ANSWERS FOR ME with a sympathetic tone, tilted but nodding head, kinda pursed lips “busy?” like they understand all too well. What the what?! Let me answer, woman!

Did you know that in the 1800’s (and long before, as a result of the divisions of labor that occurred as far back as the feudal period [9th-15th centuries] – HISTORY NERD ALERT!), that being considered a member of the “Leisure Class*” was the status symbol? Not that these folks didn’t work. In fact, they did, they were respected business owners and people who had earned substantial individual wealth.  Anyway, these Leisure Class members left space in their life for just that: LEISURE. Nothing planned by the minute, maybe some travel, maybe * gasp * just some time to relax or to catch up with a friend or give their littles hugs-although when I think about history I always imagine grumpy people who didn’t hug their kids.  Okay..I digress..

In this world of go, go, go, perfectionism-over-people, busyness we can forget about what matters. We can forget about making space for what matters. So let’s put the phones down and have a conversation. Let’s ask AND answer “How are you” intentionally and not on auto-busy-pilot mode.

Laurel Grove has SO MANY exciting things going on this year. Adding makers and members to our shop family, some amazing events, some incredible new service offerings and some other MAJOR surprises we are not ready to quite let out of the bag yet. But our promise to you is this…..

YOU are what separates “busy” from “successful”. YOU are the reason that we are doing this. Our connections and relationships with YOU, the smiles on your faces when you walk in, or get giddy when your eye catches that perfect something (yea, girl, I notice that! And it makes my heart smile more than you know!). We will not forget these facts, we will not, under any circumstances, compromise our service standard, or our customer relationships because of “busy”.


[*NOTE: current definitions of “Leisure Class” have evolved to include people outside the original like the “glitterati” etc. These are NOT the type of people I am referring to].

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