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Part of what I love about doing what I do is the friendships I am so lucky to have made and continue to make.
After extensive searching and researching, one of our goals is to meet and get to know the makers we are proud to feature in the shop and my heart flutters when I think about all the people who have crossed our path on this journey.  What happens when you get to know the artists and makers behind the “things” is simply magical.  Beyond allowing us to ensure quality of the products we sell, these relationships help us get to know not only the pieces but the people behind them, making them all the more special.
One of these relationships is with Seawicks Candle Company.  Cara and Michael are a sweet couple who hand-pour every single 100% soy candle they sell.  You guys, their eye and commitment to quality is unparalleled.
Even after being distributed by LL Bean (yay!), Cara and Michael have never forgotten their small business focus and relationships.  The genuine passion they have for keeping their business true to its roots makes me feel so good about working with them and sharing their AMAZING products with you.
When the people you work with become friends and then those friends become like family, you really can’t beat it. Then when the apples of your eyes meet and become fast friends (see below), your heart just explodes with all the mushy goodness.
J5 {Laurel Grove} and Finn {Seawicks Candle Company} enjoy some QT.

J5 {Laurel Grove} and Finn {Seawicks Candle Company} enjoy some QT.

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