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Annie's Reserve Glaze

Annie's Reserve Glaze

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Annie's Reserve Antique Glazes were developed by artist Annie Omar. Annie chose these special colors from her own private collection of color recipes that she developed over many years as a decorative painter. These water-based tinted gel glazes dry to a satin finish. Annie's Reserve can be used on furniture and walls to create an aged appearance, as well as accent ornate details on furniture and mouldings. Annie's Reserve Antique Glaze is also suitable for use directly on top of furnished and stained wood. 

*For a full video tutorial and demonstration of Annie's Reserve Antique Glaze, visit the Maison Blanche Paint Company's YouTube Channel. 

Application: Apply a thin layer with a brush or roller. While gel is wet, manipulate with our Red Hot Ruby brush, graining tool, paint brush, sea sponge or soft cloth. For a smooth, even effect, wipe with a damp sponge in the same direction as the wood grain. Coverage is 60-100 square feet per 16fl oz. Dry time is about an hour, depending on gel thickness. For enhanced durability, protect with Maison Blanche Paint Company's water-based Varnishes or Antique WAx.

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