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The Maison Blanche Paint Company's La Chaux French Lime Paint is a traditional Lime Paint made of pure, European Lime, mixed with natural pigments. The result is a eco-friendly, zero VOC paint product made with minimally-processed natural ingredients that will allow you to turn your walls into art and to paint furniture with stunning results. 

French Lime Paint is highly alkaline, so it's naturally resistant to fungus and mold as well as being anti-bacterial. This feature makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and children's rooms. 

La Chaux French Lime Paint is more textural than chalk-based paints. Lime Paints have been used for over seven thousand years and have even been found applied to the insides of pyramids! This is a very traditional European product and gives the look of multiple layers of paint with only one coat. 

*For a full video tutorial and demonstration of La Chaux, please visit the Maison Blanche Paint Company Youtube channel

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