Maison Blanche Metallique Metallic Paint

Maison Blanche Metallique Metallic Paint

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Available in 12 delicious shades, Metallique' is going to change everything you thought you knew about Metallic Paint! 

Extreme Coverage: You won't find another Metallic Paint on the market that covers the way Metallique' does. A little goes a long way with Maximum Opacity! 

The Shiniest Shimmer: Concentrated Mica particles in our special formula result in a finish that is sparkly to the Extreme! Seriously! You won't find anything better! 

Metallique' is a shimmering water based metallic paint that can be applied to walls, furniture, and accessories imparting a stylish, smooth and shimmering appearance. This opulent paint creates a smooth luminous surface that sparkles and glows when bathed in light. 
Metallique' has excellent coverage and dries to a rich high gloss finish.