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COZY HARBOR: A clean, heavier coastal scent - our top seller, and an actual place! Cozy Harbor is a picturesque cove off the beaten path in Southport, Maine where you can watch lobster boats unloading their haul, sailboats zipping in and out, and breathe in the heavy marine air.

FIR TREE: This classic, timeless scent is a universal favorite - fresh and clean fir needles make everyone happy!

SALT AIR: That salty sea air wafting through a beach house, or hitting your face as you roll down the windows during your favorite coastal drive. Clean and fresh with a hint of salty brine.

Your favorite scents in a spray form - perfect for a burst of fragrance whenever you need it. Bathrooms, pillows, linens…anywhere that needs a quick refresh.

Net weight: 8 oz.

Comes in glass spray bottle. Do not consume; keep away from children and pets. Clean spills immediately.



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