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Create your own Tinted Glaze with the Maison Blanche Paint Company's Translucide Furniture Glaze. Simply mix with Maison Blanche Paint Company Vintage Furniture Paint.

Translucide Glaze Medium was developed for use over absorbent surfaces such as Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Antique Furniture Paint.  Translucide has a very long “open time” allowing you to easily achieve a custom glazed finish. Translucide is water based and dries to a Matte finish. Translucide is also suitable for walls!


Application: Start by adding 1 part Maison Blanche Paint Company Antique Furniture Paint to 6 parts Translucide. Can also be tinted with Universal Colorants, artist’s acrylics, or latex paint. You can add more or less paint depending on how translucent you would like your glaze to be. The less paint you add-the longer your “open time”.  Mix well! Apply to your painted (unwaxed) surface with a brush then wipe back with a soft cloth to your desired effect. For a Strie effect, apply tinted Translucide and then brush through it with a coarse paint brush to create a soft and natural striped finish.  Create a linen effect by applying Strie finish in two directions. Try sponging it for a mottled, stone look.  For a very subtle glazed look and less “bite” try applying a coat of Untinted Translucide to your surface first and let it dry completely before applying a coat of your Tinted Translucide Glaze.  For added protection finish with Maison Blanche Paint Company Satin or Matte Varnish.  Alternatively, you can finish with Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Antique Furniture Wax. Soap and water cleanup.


*To see a live video demonstration visit the Maison Blanche Paint Company's YouTube channel by clicking here.

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