5 Ways to Decorate Your Entry Way for Spring

As the days finally get warmer and longer, our energy is finally back (well sometimes). Isn’t it nice to walk in after a long day at work or running around and look at a fresh new space.

 We’ve rounded up everything you need to know to help freshen up your entry way into a place where you smile. 

TIP #1:

Spring is the perfect time to swap pastel colors into your décor. Updating that holiday wreath that is still up on the door ( I know that’s YOU!) Check out our few options for a wreath that will work not only for spring but also summer!
 For that fresh-from-the-garden feel, may we recommend the mixed eucalyptus collection we're just gushing over! Simple and true to form, this grouping of greens lends a look of artfully arranged plants just plucked from the outdoors. Our secret . . . they're totally stunning, and unbelievably faux, so you'll be able to enjoy these year-round!
These beautiful statement wreaths are hand-woven and each individual leaf is hand-painted with care. Buy yours online today, and brighten up your home!

Tip #2:

Do you have that regular jute mat that has seen its better day? Its time to throw it in the trash and cute an adorable bunny one! Who doesn’t want this cuteness?
Woven coir doormat features printed bunny artwork with sentiment and dimensional coir pom-pom "cotton tail."

Tip #3:

Freshen Up Table Top Décor for Your Entry Table
This rustic vintage-inspired metal scale is a must have for any modern farmhouse style home! Its details are a reminder of days gone by. We love how versatile it is too - whether you want to use it as the centerpiece of a decorative vignette or you want to store soaps and hand towels in the bathroom, it works WONDERFULLY. This is an item that can travel from room to room and get use all over your home!

 TIP #4

Lastly, change up the wall décor swap softer, pastel colors into your decor. Updating artwork throughout the year is an easy and inexpensive way to transform a room in your home. Below are some of my favorites.
I don’t know if it's me but I love looking at myself in the mirror. What’s not a better mirror to look at yourself in?
Embellish your wall with this wooden wall clock. Inspired by antique wall clocks of the old Paris flea market, this rustic time piece is aged to perfection. With its bold white numbers, ornate arms, and old world texture, this beautiful clock is truly a unique piece

 TIP #5

OK… 1 more who doesn’t love a new set of pillows? Perfect way to add color to a bench.
Mustard Tassel Pillow

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