2019 Decor Trends

2019 Decor Trends

As we roamed the corridors of America's Mart, the huge wholesale trade show in Atlanta, we noticed some trends popping up over and over and can't help but share what we saw.
  1. Brass Décor

2019 is the year we welcome back brass accents into our homes. Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel and nickel accents. These are an item you will be able to use in every room of the house- think dining tables, mantle decor, or shelf vignettes.



  1. Indigo Décor

Indigo, a natural blue dye that adds a perfect accent color. Indigo decor allows you to create a distinctive environment for your decor. This home furnishing touch can be used to evoke moods or represent certain decorating styles. This versatility has made it one of the most popular colors in home décor for hundreds of years.



  1. Boho Décor

One MUST have to hype up your home is soft, cozy textures - and we can't think of anything better than fur rugs.  There's nothing better than returning home to your cozy space, kicking off your shoes and being welcomed by a warm, comfortable setting completed by a warm fur rug.

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