A Fall Mantlescape

Has your mantle been stuck on spring or summer décor forever? Fall is right around the corner and your mantle is asking for some change. We've heard your struggles to pull it together for fall and have created a fall mantlescape how-to just for you.

This year we are kicking out the oranges and saying hello to blue, whites and greens! 

Step 1: Anchor

Pick a large centerpiece to be the “anchor” for the rest of your mantel decor. This piece becomes the focal point of your mantlescape.  Popular anchors include framed mantel mirrors, pieces of art and larger clocks. These pieces can be your anchor year round.

Step 2: Add Weights to the Sides 

Pick a few objects with varied heights to add visual weight to each side of the anchor. These pieces are often shorter than your anchor.  The objects on both sides don’t have to match perfectly, but they should complement one another.

We used a vintage seltzer bottle, along with a mason jar with a fall floral arrangement. Click on the link below to buy yours! 

Step 3: Bring in Filler Items

Fill the empty areas of the mantel with small decorations, and let the pieces overlap to create depth and texture.

Shop the look:

Seltzer Bottle

Mason Jar

Fall Arraignment




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