Apartment Reveal

Apartment Reveal

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Well everyone I am sure you have heard that I got my own apartment! Adulting really starts now. I know not every 22-year-old would have an apartment look like this, but what can you say when your mom owns a shop. What is even better, is you can shop my apartment right now?! I will take you through each room! 



The Cabinet is from an antique store called Home at the Cooperage. You may know the owner by his fabulous mirrors and maps at Laurel Grove. (P.S They are still 25% off) 

Dish Rack; is from Laurel Grove. It is honestly so fabulous because I don’t have a dishwasher and it holds some many dishes! It also makes chores a little bit better with the vintage inspired look.

Eat Sign, is from Laurel Grove. The patina on this sign is ‘oh so amazing’ and completes an empty wall in just a few seconds.

This CAFE Fried Green Tomato Metal Sign is a reminder of down-home cooking. This large metal CAFE sign will be an enormous display of farmhouse style decor, and will be the focal point wherever it hangs. It's a pop of purely delightful color with embossed letters and distressed finish. Enjoy this kitchen sign's color, rustic style, and delicious message. 



 Dining Room

Reclaimed Table; You should hear the story on these tables. Well they are folding tables that we thought would be great to have for pro.found market. They arrived and as soon as I opened the box I had to have it. The patina on the table is so cool!



Decorative Metal Scale, This rustic vintage-inspired metal scale is a must have for any modern farmhouse style home! Its details are a reminder of days gone by. We love how versatile it is too - whether you want to use it as the centerpiece of a decorative vignette or you want to store soaps and hand towels in the bathroom, it works WONDERFULLY. This is an item that can travel from room to room and get use all over your home! I choose to complete the look on my dining room table with some candle rings from Purple Rose Home. 

Living Room, 

Couch, is from Ikea. However it looks pretty I do not recommend it for big couch sitters. I wish it was more fluffy. But this is a newly adult budget couch! 

Side Tables, Serving as the perfect addition to your favorite sitting spot, the Eli side table features a rustic finish. Simple in design yet full of character, this side table is ideal for holding your cup of coffee or newspaper.

Lamps, Lawson Table Lamp is the perfect end table lamp or any place you need a little illumination. Great in finish and styling, this will add the perfect amount of style to the smallest of spaces. 

Chunky Knit Throw, You guys this throw is worth every penny. I know some people (including myself) look at the price of this throw and RUN away. But, It is honestly so comfy and cozy. And the best is the cat loves it (LOL). 



I wanted to go with matching bedside tables that were simple but yet had a little color to these. Each set will vary but they are overall a wood tone nightstand with a blue/whitewash look on top.


Headboard; is a bronze "iron inspired" bed. I wanted to go with a metal bed to tie in the other metal tones I have in my chairs in the living room.


Wall Decor, Fire Wall Bucket. This also adds a metal tone to add throughout the apartment is also great for storage. I roll up my towels and put them in the baskets. It can also be used for toilet paper or just for a cool abstract wall decor piece.

Wire Cradle Basket, This rustic little soap/sponge/scrubby holder looks like it came straight out of the past. Brand new and fully functional, you will find tons of uses from keeping your sponge handy to storing your bar of soap. It stands just over 4" tall (not including the decorative rods on the sides) and the basket itself is 5" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/4". The "rust" is actually a painted on finish.


Small Accessories

White Pitcher, I have the large and small in my kitchen. I use the large pitcher for all my kitchen utensils and the small one Kristy from Salvage Succulents planted a succulent in one for me. The both of them pair together makes a simple but yet elegant touch to the kitchen. 


If you know me, I am not the best at keeping plants alive. Even though I have a few real ones and I also have some faux plants knowing those won't die. If you see on my fireplaces I have these beautiful eucalyptus sprays in the jars. I have about 3 in one jar and 2 in the other. 

Just a lamp on a side table doesn't do justice. So I have added some small accessories to them. Here is few


Best Is Yet to Come Sign


Stoneware Crock

These crocks will add vintage charm to your kitchen, bathroom, or office décor. You can use the three stoneware crocks to store kitchen utensils, grooming essentials, writing implements, and more. The crocks are also oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe for cooking.

Jute & Wood Bead Garland

A classic farmhouse loop with a delicate crocheted lace and jute twine tassel.  Finished with a rustic jute twine tassel. Looks great looped on a vase, hung on a hallway hook or to finish off a rustic fall vignette. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or email us at laurelgroveshop@gmail.com

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