Decorating for College Laurel Grove Style

Decorating for College Laurel Grove Style

Is your baby heading back to school?! Or are YOU the "baby" heading back?

Shop Laurel Grove to give your dorm room or apartment a one-of-a-kind style that you won't find at the big box stores.

We know how expensive college can be, so enjoy our back to school coupon! (good until the end of August for 15% off!)

Coupon Code: SCHOOL

1. Message Board (2 sizes available)

A perfect way to leave a funny or motivational quote, or even a note for your roommate. Fun message boards in the shop make everyone giggle and add a smile in their day.  Do the same in your living space at school!


2. Coffee Mug

Ladies and gentlemen if you don't like coffee now, you will in college. What's better than motivational enamel mugs that: 1. have the word A** on them and 2. remind you to be a hard worker. 

3. Hooks 

We all know those over-the-door hooks that everyone has. Why not be different and more stylish with an adorable hook to hang towels, backpack or even room key. 

4. Baskets

Storage is a must!  We're always surprised at how much "stuff" and these baskets are perfect to contain it all.

5. Pouf 

A pouf is an amazing way to add extra seating to a small space without taking up much room.

6. Vintage-Inspired Architectural Wall Decor

This piece is the perfect wall decor, it is very light adds a "homey" feel to any room. You can use this above your bed as a headboard (decorative) or even above your window or door. It is even light enough to hang with a fabulous command strip(!).

7. Weekly Planner

How do you balance life and school? A decorative weekly planner! Stay ahead of schedule in style. 


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