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6 Ways to Style your Farmhouse Bathroom

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut when decorating a bathroom.  It's a room in our homes we spend a lot of time in but often gets left behind when we think about decorating and turns out to be Plain Jane.

We are here to tell you that even your home's bathrooms can be a reflection of you and your style.  

With the following products, you will be able to inject that farmhouse look into your bathroom!

1. Aged Oval Mirror

We need to look at ourselves, why not look at our gorgeous selves in a gorgeous mirror?!

2. Folding Fire Basket: Available in Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large

 Perfect to hold toilet paper or hand towels.

3. Enamel Shelves: available in 3 different sizes 

Perfect to display and organize bathroom items.

4. Cast Iron Hooks

Keep those towels off the floor!

5. Glass Apothecary Jars:

Perfect for cotton balls, bath bombs, soaps, lavender, and other bathroom essentials.

6. Cast Iron Soap Dish

You're smart-we think you can figure this one out! ;)

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