Faux Greens & Stems

Faux Greens & Stems

Adding greenery to your home can be a refreshing way to infuse color and life.  But, if you are like me, sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Just another thing to keep alive!  With children and pets vying for attention, or even gnawing on your well-maintained plants, having real ones may just not be in the cards.

I once was completely anti-faux.  However, those feelings have evolved as have the products in the faux greens and stems category.  

We absolutely love our live succulents in the shop.  Kristy, from Salvage Succulents, does a phenomenal job finding the perfect vintage and unique vessels to plant in.  But even though real succulents are lower maintenance than other plants, they still do require care. 

Faux succulents can look real and live succulents can often look faux!  Faux succulents are super fun to pop into a container and bring to a friend, or even use as a no-maintenance centerpiece!

Just chose your container, add some floral foam, and stick your faux succulents right in!

We love this arrangement in a vintage cheese box from The Red Painted Cottage.

We have several faux succulent options in our online shop as well as fun vessels for you to choose from.  We love these white Nest boxes as a sweet sentimental gift.  You can fill them with faux succulents and share your thoughts with a friend or family member!

Faux greenery doesn't have to be succulents!  We love using all types in our decor.  This photo below, from Pinterest, showcases all types-including our beloved willow stems and faux sedum.

Here, you can see how I use dusty miller in my home.  I love the light sage green color of this stem.  We are currently sold out of dusty miller, but our lamb's ear harnesses the same soft color and bringing in the same subdued vibe!  


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