Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Galentine's Day is a whole day dedicated to celebrating with your friends with even more love than you usually do. Smothering them with the best gifts you can give by shopping small.


Initial Necklace's 

Gorgeous, yet simple & dainty letter necklace to wear alone or to pair with other necklaces for a layering look! Choose from rose gold, gold, or silver! Dimensions of the letters vary based on each letter, but approx. 1.5" by .5"/.75". Length is 18"




This silver bracelet  features a thoughtful sentiment inspiring the wearer to never give up on their dreams because anything is possible. A touch of delicate polish gives this meaningful piece that's made from love an elegant appeal.


There's a special kind of pleasure in hating something with somebody you love. Is it healthy and positive? Eh. Who are we to say? But it sure is fun... and is one of the few occasions when hatred actually serves to draw people closer together. 

This "I love you because we hate the same stuff" mug is a sweet and romantic way to celebrate you and your partner's (or friend's!) shared scorn of everything Justin Bieber has ever done.

Nest Box

This 5x5 box can be used to your liking: succulents, herbs, desk organizer or general collector of stuff.  You could also gift it to that special friend who has changed your whole life.

Admire Definition Print, 

This admire definition print is perfect for anyone in your life that you marvel at, think highly of, or feel a deep respect and appreciation for.

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