Gorgeous Groupings

Gorgeous Groupings

For those of us that love vintage and antique finds, sometimes one is just not enough.  So, what do you do when that ironstone creamer collection has grown to “twentysomething” and the vintage bottles are multiplying?  Make a design statement with your vintage collection by displaying a large grouping of items.  Take a look at some of our favorites…
Gather up those brass candlesticks, antique scales and mason jars.  We were able to pull together this display by grouping items we already had at the shop.  Which one is your favorite?
Ironstone creamer heaven!  Littlehouseofstones.com has the most amazing ironstone creamer and pitcher collection and the grouping is so impactful.  The variations of size and color add dimension and interest.
Got clocks??  Line them up on a mantel like sweat pea home did. (How amazing is the chippy white paint on this mantel.)  The added texture of the chippy paint and wheat grass compliments the look and the silver platter, in the background, helps to ground everything.  Time to go clock shopping.
Smaller grouping can make an impactful vignette. These green bottles paired with some vintage architectural pieces give us all the feels. 
A collection of vintage bottles in a narrow wood box makes an amazing tablescape.  Put them on a three season porch and let them catch some sun for an even more amazing look.
Do you have a collection that you have started?  What is your favorite vintage items to collect?  Let us know if we can help….we love the hunt of finding the perfect vintage finds.
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