Shelf Styling

Shelf Styling

I know its been a while but the blog is finally here! This one is all about styling your shelf! For this project I choose to work with three different colors; blue, white and brass so it all flows together. Some people say you have to use things in three's but sometimes we like to break the rules and be bada**. 

Here are a few tips before we get started....

1. Measure your shelves!! Height is always the issue 

2. Styling shelves take a lot of inventory and products... more than you think. 

3. Always have books to help add height and dimension! 

Now onto how I styled my shelves with all Laurel Grove Items!

First, I like to start with the top shelf and then work my way down. My top shelf is my tallest one allowing to use taller items. 

On this shelf for the first part I used one of our most popular Reclaimed Wood Layer Framed. You can keep it blank or add a picture of the family... if you really like them that much. I choose to keep it blank (Sorry Mom & Dad).  I added a Ticco Pot with a faux airplant to tie in the blue with the frame and add some fresh greens to the space. I added a final touch with a paper mache apple, giving it another natural element.


Now onto the other side, I started out with the vase with a faux succulent (again adding in a fresh green) inside the vase. Then layed down the brass antler, adding another color to the space (Which we saw a lot of in Atlanta). Lastly, I had to add something vintage to the space, these two vintage soda bottles tie in with the blue colored vase. 

The next shelf, I choose my newest obsession, these white stonewares vases. I used the medium and small ones due to the height of the large being to big for my shelves. I placed them on top of Gift Of Gathering Book to add some height and dimension to the vases. You could use any book new or vintage! 

On this side, I brought back in a brass element like the shelf above and brought in another picture frame. I choose a clean marble picture framebrass planter (size small), a pickling jar filled with dried lion's ear flowers

Lastly, the bottom shelf I used another brass planter (size large) with a chippy handmade candle holder. Then, added the final touch of a wood beaded garland draped throughout the planter and candle holder. 

Last but not least, I added my favorite pot, the shabby pot with some real greens from Salvage Succulents. 

Now, if you got this far enjoy 10% off all these items now through 3/15!  Code: BLOG Happy shopping! 

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