Tasteful Halloween Decor

Tasteful Halloween Decor

Halloween decor mostly has us going "ugh" a lot of the time.  However, if you have children of a certain age, they will certainly appreciate some effort into decorating for the end-of-October entry into the season of holidays holiday.

Whether you love to scare the neighborhood kids, or just like to have a small acknowledgement that your lights will be on for trick or treating, here are a few ideas for decorating that will get everyone in the spirit!

1. This keep out scroll is subtly scary with the skull and crossbones and casual warning without being too over the top!

2.  We absolutely love these jack-o-lantern luminaries this year.  The friendliest pumpkins around will light the way and definitely give a nod to Halloween without being frightening at all!

3. On the scarier (ish), but more fun, side there has been a skeleton making his rounds on social media and we love seeing how different people are styling him!  From scary to silly and everything in between, this guy could provide entertainment for your family and neighbors year after year!

This guy by @creative.n.caffeinated is a little confused about the holidays, but is gracing Alecia's Home all the same!

Laura, from @threesonsfarmhouse, went the more traditional Halloween route and adorned her Skelly with a witch hat!  Loving her fall warm colors and decor!

Get a good scare-and then a good laugh-out of your family with this stunt flawlessly executed (see what we did there?!) by @diydigs.  We'll probably be stealing this one!!

We believe Halloween should be a fun holiday - regardless if you and yours like scary or more tame decor!  There is room for it all!

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