Vintage Books

Vintage Books

Literature lover or not, old books can add so much to your home. So versatile, books can add height, dimension, texture, color, or even “theme” to a room. Now before you go thinking I’m a crazy “theme” lady…hear me out. I’m talking travel books in your guest room, or historical books about your town to educate the friends and family you’ve invited to stay with you.

There are also many ways to arrange your books depending on their location and desired prominence in your home.

Check out a couple of our favorite book arrangement styles below.

Here, we’ve grouped a few books by color and added texture by pairing them with an antique chippy corbel, a vintage Cape Brand Absolutely Boneless Codfish wooden box and a pair of painted vintage wood candle sticks.

When you stack one or two books, it can provide prominence to an item you love, or perhaps draw attention to a special piece of a collection.

In a shift from the norm, we also enjoy books displayed with the pages out.  We love the neutral texture this look offers.

Next time you spy a group of antique or vintage books, don’t be too quick to walk on by.  Although, one word to the wise: I always smell before I buy.  Old books can often harbor old scents.  And that’s a collection you may not want to elevate!

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