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Our original, utilitarian-style lidded candle jars are the perfect compliment to any decor, and meant to be enjoyed every day.

Made with a custom blend of coconut and soy waxes, premium, phthalate-free fragrance oils and essential oils, and cotton wicks.

 Net weight: Large 14 oz. , Small 5.5oz

Trim wick to about 1/4 inch before each burn, to help encourage an even melt pool and minimize smoking. Do not leave a burning candle unattended, and keep out of reach of children, pets, and drafts.


BEACH GIRL:  A true beach day scent: think suntan oil and sun-kissed skin.

COZY HARBOR:  A clean, heavier coastal scent - our top seller, and an actual place! Cozy Harbor is a picturesque cove off the beaten path in Southport, Maine where you can watch lobster boats unloading their haul, sailboats zipping in and out, and breathe in the heavy marine air

CRANBERRY BOG: An ode to the iconic cranberry bogs of Cape Cod! Tart cranberries and crisp, fresh air are blended with pine notes.


GRAPEFRUIT + SEA SALT:  You can never go wrong with grapefruit, and this ruby red grapefruit and sea salt blend is no exception. Happy, fresh, and light.

LEMON + LAVENDER: Tangy lemon and just the right amount of herbal lavender, and you've got a classic, crowd-pleasing blend.

SALT AIR: That salty sea air wafting through a beach house, or hitting your face as you roll down the windows during your favorite coastal drive. Clean and fresh with a hint of salty brine.

SEA SALT: A squeaky clean, unisex fragrance that combines the scent of a salty ocean air with hints of cucumber and musk.

MOTHER OF PEARL: Fresh sea air and kelp mingle with watery florals to create this ultra-beautiful (and slightly sweet) coastal scent.

SALTWATER: A pretty, clean fragrance that combines fresh air, sea grass, and rounded out by a hint of sweetness. Perfect for everyday!

COVESIDE: Inspired by Maine's coastal inlets, this marine blend combines ocean notes with greens and a hint of woods.

SEA LAVENDER: Light and airy lavender and hints of salt air...soft and relaxing.

LEMON TREE: A balanced blend of ripe lemon and subtle green and wood notes.

GARDEN TULIPS: Fresh springtime tulips straight from the garden.

VETIVER: Soft and earthy, with a hint of sandalwood. Beautiful and calming.

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