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What to expect…

Pretentious food design and salami roses are the icing on the cake.  Expect some awkwardness from myself, and (I hope) lots of laughter (probably at my expense).  In a welcoming and warm environment I will instruct you, with  a positive attitude and a healthy dose of sarcasm, on how I create charcuterie boards that I am proud to present to others (or eat all by myself).  You will leave with your own palm leaf board filled with delicious snacks to share with a loved one when you return home, or enjoy in the peace and serenity of your car.  So, get ready to play with your food!! I look forward to meeting you.




WHERE: 25 Central St Wellesley, MA 02482


About Lana: A former social worker for the state of Massachusetts and child and family clinician, I embarked on an adventure to merge my innate passion for helping others with my lifelong love of food, home and all things that create an overall sense of warmth, safety, and wellbeing. Creating a business that truly provides a sense of support to others and focuses on bringing people together to live life as joyfully as possible, is the hallmark of Well Nested LLC.  From home to work, within the confines of local community and beyond, I strive to bring people together—to live, to laugh and to live life joyfully.  Living joyfully with others fosters a decrease in anxiety and a depression and makes way for peace and acceptance.

The kitchen has always been a place of peace for me—a way to express myself and my love for others through creating art that awakens all the senses.  I am most often found in my kitchen (or the kitchen of others).  Working with food can be a therapeutic process, and creating food art is a beautiful way to express oneself.  Across cultures and throughout the world, food is a necessity to live—kitchens often being the center of homes and communities alike.  It brings me great pleasure to be able to share my love with others, and be a small part of people coming together to do what we often discourage children from doing…play with our food!!!


P.S.  I am an allergy aware Celiac, and will ensure there are options for all. 

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